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4K Tab-Tensioned Motorized Projection Screen For Home Cinema

Application: Home Cinema, Business

Fabric: HD Fabric, 3D Silver

Supply Ability: 60,000 units/monthly
  • TT150H

  • Windon

  • 9010600000

  • 16:9 / 2.35:1 / 4:3

  • Customized Available

  • Aluminum

  • Yes

  • CE & RoHS

  • 1 year

Motorized Tab-Tensioned Projection Screens are perfect for home theater or high level entertainment and business centers. Tensioned screen is one of our bestselling screen specially designed tension feature for prefect viewing angle throughout the entire screening process. Its side tensioned system ensures the perfect flat surface. The screen is widely used in home cinema, hotels, business centers, meeting rooms, entertainment centers etc.

Unique Knob Tensional Adjustment Device

With the Unique Knob Tensional Adjustment Device and the Elastic Auto Tighten System, the “V” shape wrinkle that general screen occurs will be eliminated, the screen fabric will be made as smooth as the mirror surface, the tension adjustment will achieve easily, what’s more the screen flatness could be easily adjusted without any tools.

Features of Motorized Tensioned Screen

Elastic auto tighten system can completely balance the surface tension of every screen lattice, making the screen surface flat enough

High quality aluminum housing, unique design for your modern household

Use HD flexible screen fabric to ensure the screen to be best flat surface

Silent heavy-duty Tubular motor to ensure the screen stable and long using life, low noise keeps silent in the room

Ease of installation, tracking wall mounted or ceiling hanged installation way

Standard with Remote Controller, the whole screen and the application height are preset by the remote. The effective control range can be up to 25 meters.


Main applications

Home CinemaDigital CinemaBusiness presentations Entertainment venues etc.


Screen parameter
Model No. Format Size Viewing Area G.W Packing Size
Inch Unit: mm Kgs Cm
TT092H 16:9 92 2040 1150 22.00 249x22x16
TT100H 100 2210 1240 23.00 266x22x16
TT106H 106 2350 1320 25.00 280x22x16
TT120H 120 2660 1500 27.00 311x22x16
TT133H 133 2950 1660 29.00 340x22x16
TT150H 150 3320 1870 35.00 377x22x16
TT180H 180 3990 2240 40.00 444x22x16
TT200H 200 4430 2490 48.00 488x22x16
TT100W 2.35:1 100 2340 1000 25.00 279x22x16
TT106W 106 2480 1060 26.00 293x22x16
TT120W 120 2810 1200 28.00 326x22x16
TT133W 133 3110 1320 32.00 356x22x16
TT150W 150 3510 1490 38.00 396x22x16
TT180W 180 4210 1790 46.00 466x22x16

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