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Interactive Whiteboard

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Infrared Interactive Whiteboard is so far the most cost-effective solution in the classroom and presentaion that helps to increase participation,inspire teching and learning and easily turn lessons i nteresting.

Our infrared IWB is touchable and durable. YOu and the stidents can write and draw freely on your board with a finger or any non-transparent object. Never wory about scratches! What is more, our infrared IWB understands our hand gestures,supporting various multi-touch functions. More exciting experience you will have under the new WINDOW 7 OS.

All of our boards come with English software. With software, you can combine multimedia contents and various files with your lesson seamlessly.

Annotate on videos, pictures,or any MS Office and pdf, files with your finger or pen. Save or export thenotes or whatever on the IWB into various format files simply by touching the icons on the tool bar.


Touch Sensitive
Infrared Sensor responds extremely swift and precise to the touch by hand, pen or any non-transparent object.

MUlti-Touch Functions
Rich Multi-Touch Functions;
Zoom in/out pictures;
Rotate Pictures;
Start software by palm;

Intelligent Pen Tray
Three C\colored pens(black, red and blue)
One Eraser

Digital Ink
USe eighter a pen or your finger to write in digital ink.
Free to choose any color and line styles

No Need for Hard Driver
Adopting HID technology, our board doesn't need hard drive on the computer.

No Need for External Power Supply
The comouter supply power ro the IWB through the USB cable or wireless module directly.

Durable Surface, against any scratches or distortions
Even with distortions and scratches, the whiteboard will still work properly, without any influence.

Overcome Keystone Distortion
Our board can still postition accurately even if the projector's display on the board has problem of keyston distortion.

Self-inspection Function
Automatically identify module defects.Spare parts can be replaced on site easily!

Wireless Connection(Optional)
Connect the IWB to the computer in a wireless way.

USB Extender( Optional)
Enable connection for 30 meter length

Mobile Stand (Optional)
Enable connection for 30 meter lengthIstall the IWB on a stand with wheels not on the wall, easy to move it.



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