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Projection Screen Know-How

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1. How to select the right projection screen?       

Retractable Screen:

You can choose retractable screen when you do not have a dedicated room for presentation or you just simply want to hide the projection screen when not used. The screen can be wall or ceiling mounted and the fabrics can be retracted back into the housing when not used.

Applications: Living Room, Conference Room, Performance Stage, Class Room


Permanent Screen:

You can choose permanent screen if you have a dedicated room for presentation or you just want the projection screen to be part of your interior designing. The screens will be mounted on the wall and become part of your permanent audio visual set up.

Applications: Home Cinema, Small Cinema, Presentation Room


Portable Screen:

You can choose portable screen for on-the-road presentation, in a light-weight package without any installation works required.

Applications: Business Presentation, Outdoor Presentation, Temporary Presentation.


2. Choosing the Dimension 

Determine the optimum screen size based on room dimensions, planned audience seating size and arrangement. The rule of thumb is to fit the screen to the audience - not to the projector.

We recommend the following formula for determining screen size:                                                                              

a) Screen height should be approximately equal to 1/6 the distance from the screen to the last row of seats, allowing text to be read and detail to be seen in the projected image. Ideally, the first row of seats should be approximately two screen heights away.                                         

b)The bottom of the screen should be a minimum of 4 feet above the audience floor, allowing those seated toward the rear of the audience to see the screen. This may require additional screen "drop" for ceiling hung screens.   


c) Maximum & Minimum Distance:

Maximum Distance: Distance to Screen(D)= Screen Width x 6

Minimum Distance: Distance to Screen(D)= Screen Width x 1.2

Maximum Distance: Distance between Bottom of Screen and Floor=125 Cm

Minimum Distance: Distance between Bottom of Screen and Floor=90 Cm

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