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  • Projection Screen Know-How

    1. How to select the right projection screen? Retractable Screen:You can choose retractable screen when you do not have a dedicated room for presentation or you just simply want to hide the projection screen when not used. The screen can be wall or ceiling mounted and the fabrics can be retrac

  • Projection Screen Surface

    Fiberglass Layer Matte WhiteIt is used as a backing or backbone of the entire screen structure. With this layer Grandview screens have a stretching rate of less than 1% and a much longer life span than ordinary Matte White materials. The fiberglass backing prevents wrinkling or waves due to changes

  • Holographic Pyramid Showcase

    The holographic display showcase/cabinet is a 3D platform fully integrated that combines the most advanced technologies of processing of image with a modern window counter. This allows focus the attention on the product and show to your costumer in a unique way. There are not only models of hologram

  • Holographic Projection System

    What is the Holographic Musion Projection System?It is a large scale Hologram stage system that allows for life-like, life-size images to be displayed. Using the pepper’s ghost concept, we can add a new dimension to your product launch by adding a 3D holographic stage setup that will amaze your audi

  • Rear&Front Projection Film

    Rear Projection Film is a high contrast film primarily used for store window displays and high end video applications. This unique high resolution screen technology offers superior brightness, contrast and black levels even in high ambient light and daylight. It is made of high-quality polyester fil


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