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Tabletop Projection Screen

  • TS040

  • Windon

  • 9010600000

This Screen provides a perfect solution for table-top presentations in business and education enviroments. With an innovative casing design, the weight of a 40" screen is only 1.2kg and a 50" screen is 2.8kg. The carrying bag is included, making the screen even easier to transport. No installation is required and one button locking mechanism makes the screen extremely easy to operate. Turning out the base foot will unlock the screen and once the screen is pulled up by the handle it is ready to use. As the portable LED projector and mobile phones with projection capabilities are gaining popularity, the table top screen offers an excellent viewing experience for portable business. The latest design of the screen with the self-stand base foot allows the screen to be stopped at any desired position.

Portable and lightweight
No installation, one button locking mechanism
Carrying Bag included

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